Hello Heart

knows everything

There is a safe place for your heart  to feel and be free

What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is about being curious in the moment of now and fully embrace all feelings.

My name is Nogol, your
ICF accredited life coach and
holistic wellness counsellor
who has embraced life.

I started Hello Heart
for people who are experiencing 
dealing with powerful emotions, 
and challenges of life during this time.
 My intent is to create a safe space to encourage you to bring yourself and your feelings.
Your first step is to have a conversation and connect with me.
Your willingness or your resistance are both fully welcome.

What is Life Coaching and who needs it

To me Life Coaching is the art of being present in the moment with each other.

My goal and my gift in this path is to be unconditionally present with you while you navigate your way.

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Life Coaching/Counselling session with Nogol

90 minutes


Life Coaching/Counselling session with Nogol

60 minutes



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