Hi there, I am Nogol

I am here to love and to be curious. 

Nogol means New Flower and it comes from my Persian background.

My super power is my humanness and my expertise are my embodied life experiences.

I am a space holder for human experience, to encourage the expression of creativity and expansion to appear.

I believe in the wholeness of a person. I avoid fragmentation and my expertise is in bringing our separate parts back together to our home and wholeness. In such practice my focus is on the balance between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I am also a new immigrant to Canada who brings multi-cultural lenses to my work. Seeking freedom and a better life brought me to Canada by myself. Living in both countries and going through this amazing transition helped me to have a broad knowledge about change, healing and feelings.

My sessions are available in English and Farsi.

In my practice as a professional trauma informed counselor I bring the gift of coaching,

I created

 "Move with your heart" and

"Paint with your heart"

for utilizing and bringing the gift of self-expression into my sessions and my role is to be the movement and somatic coach who helps the client to dive into the wisdom of their bodies through expressing themselves.

Therefore, we find a new language and we heal the psyche along with finding natural state of joy and ecstasy in life. 

My intention is to hold the light for you to see your heart clearly while navigating your path. 


Credentials and areas of interest

  • Professional Counsellor Diploma, Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver (2021)

  • Life Coaching Diploma, ICF accredited, Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, BC (2020)

  • MBA with focus of human resources and human motivation in International business, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran (2016)

  • BA Architectural engineering, Amol, Iran. (2014)

Areas that I am informed as a counsellor:

Wellness counselling,

Life coaching,

Art therapy,

Expressive art therapy,

Immigration counselling and well-being,

Somatic therapy,

Spiritual counselling, 

Trauma counselling,

Emotional focused counselling,

Core energetic therapy,

Family therapy,

Mindfulness and meditation,

Employment counselling,

Dialectical behavioral therapy,

Cognitive behavioral therapy,

Narrative therapy, 

Addiction counselling,

Couple’s counselling,

Youth counselling,

Eating disorder,

Grief and loss process therapy,

Dealing with anxiety, 



daily life human experience explorations


What is somatic therapy

Somatic psychotherapy, is a holistic therapeutic approach, incorporates a person's mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process.

It helps us to be in tune with the emotions being known through our body.

I believe there is a lot of information in our body.  Both, being kept and getting introduced every day.  I believe if we listen truly and completely to our body, it will relieve what needs to be known.

being connected to our bodies through physical wellness and somatic therapy helps us to release physical stress and become aware of anywhere that energy was being stored in our body.

We learn how to move that energy and how to be free and expressive. 

When we are able to move the energy, even for a little amount of time, makes us understand we are able to create space for new possibilities. 

That means freedom and being unstuck by understanding the energy, moving it and letting and deciding where it should flow.