I was scared, frustrated, lost and exhausted.

 I was waking up in my sleep crying and my body was a victim of these anxieties.

I was thinking life isn't worth living and yes, I did have suicidal thoughts. I called my brother and asked for help. He immediately got me 10 sessions with a soulful great counsellor and this is where I started to change my story.

Immigration is a life changing step; this is a drastic powerful change that can be different when you have the right support to be present with you and your feelings along the way. If you are an immigrant, I can help you and be with you along the way. I've been through this already and I know it is not easy.

I want to congratulate your heart for being so brave for taking these steps.

If you know an immigrant or a person in need and you would like to help them along their path, you can donate a session to my website and I will get in contact with them in timely fashion.

We also have a waiting list of people who would desire to receive therapy sessions. 

Shine your loving light, through heart to heart  


To find the gift you are meant to give this world ,

we may ask ourselves what we want others to take away from us.

"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way"

 Mary Anne Radmacher